Security and Crowd Control

Security firms may be necessary for large groups.  They can be useful for general crowd control, or may be necessary to escort troublemakers, intoxicated attendees, or suspected thieves or vandals off the premises.  Security professionals should be hired to handle these types of situations.  Do not assign volunteers to this type of sensitive work.  You should determine in advance of your special event if prudence would dictate engaging an independent contractor adequately trained and insured for this type of security duty under a special event insurance policy.  Even in small groups, crowd control is important.  Your safety crew should be on the look out for potential problems and know who is responsible for handling them.  In case of emergency phone 9-1-1 immediately.  Make sure that your security firm has a special event insurance policy in place and they name you as an additional insured by endorsement along with the certificate of insurance.

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