Outdoor Events

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If you are planning an outdoor event you will have some special considerations. Will there be enough places for people to get out of the hot sun? Is bad weather a consideration? Is the terrain of the special event location you are considering appropriate for all guests? Are there any special hazards at the location or on the premises next door? Are you having the event in the morning, afternoon, or evening?  Will there be adequate lighting for a nighttime event? Is there enough restroom facilities, including facilities accessible to the disabled? Be sure to check if any permits are required.


An outdoor fundraiser was planned that included dinner and dancing. The tables were set up on the lawn which surrounded the portable wooden dance floor. During the night prior to the special event, the automatic sprinklers turned on and watered the lawns. The day of the special event was warm, but not hot, and the lawn did not dry thoroughly. One of the attendees strolled across the damp lawn with her partner, stepped onto the dance floor and fell and broke her ankle. The fall was caused by the water that had been tracked off the grass and onto the wooden dance floor. The special event host was found negligent for not turning off the automatic sprinkler, failing to keep the dance floor dry, and failing to warn guests that the grass was wet.

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