The Event Helper, Inc.

About Us

The Event Helper, Inc. has been covering your assets since 2009.  We pride ourselves on a personal approach to a web product – meaning we’re here for you if you need the help, but we’re behind the scenes if you don’t. We started as a small company with one owner-operator and have grown steadily since, offering an insurance experience with big league security but mom-and-pop service.
Photo of The Event Helper team
Top Row: Alan, Michele, Melissa, Lauren, Scott. Middle Row: Russell, Myles, Will, Kevin, Marc, Bryan, Thad, Rob. Bottom Row: Julia, Sharla, Teri, Megan, Tyler, Janet, Ryan.
Photo of Will
Founder, President - Will

Founder of The Event Helper, Inc., Will has been in the insurance industry for over 25 years. From his first job as a file clerk to his current scramble towards the top of the event insurance world, Will has an unrivaled passion for the insurance business. Will saw an opportunity in the niche of event insurance – where event sponsors have been overcharged and under serviced for years – and invested his time, money, and a lot of hard work into building a program he could offer as truly the best all-around product on the market. While most often working on marketing and growth, Will can also be caught on the phone, getting back to what he loves best – connecting with his customers.

Customer Support Specialists - Alan, Bryan, Janet, Julia, Megan, Melissa, Michele, Scott, Teri, & Thad
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Your call or email will be answered by one of our fabulous licensed representatives. While you may not always hear the same voice when you call (though please feel free to ask!), be assured that your concerns will always be handled with the same care that you've come to expect from The Event Helper, Inc.

Photo of Sharla
Director of Operations - Sharla

In her own words, she's the Manager of Whatever Needs To Get Done. With two decades of getting things done under her belt, Sharla manages our Service department to ensure our customers have an outstanding experience.

Photo of Marc
Brokerage Programs & Product Development - Marc

With us from the very beginning, Marc is an event insurance expert. He assists independent insurance brokers in providing our program to their customers. And he is constantly looking for new ways that we can serve the needs of the event industry. You'll find Marc chipping in wherever necessary to maintain or exceed our service goals.

Photo of Myles
Partner Relations Manager - Myles

We love our venue partners! Myles is here to work with venues to not only make the process easier for them and their clients but to keep them top of mind in everything we do.

Photo of Lauren
Business Manager - Derek

While relatively new to the Event Helper family, Derek has more than 20 years of experience in building and running some of the Sacramento area's premier dental groups.  He is laser focused on the customer experience and constantly looking for ways to improve our offering to customers, brokers, and our trusted venue partners.

Photo of Lauren
Finance - Lauren

With nearly a decade of experience in the accounting industry, Lauren has brought her skills to The Event Helper, Inc. in the form of finance management, forecasting and analysis.

Photo of Russell
Marketing Director - Russell

A jack of all trades in marketing, Russell brings almost 20 years of video production/marketing experience to The Event Helper, Inc. From graphic design to web design to SEO, he is our in house solution for all things marketing.

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Coders - Kevin & Tyler

Tyler leads a mean team of coding machines. Together with Kevin, they disrupt next generation big data algorithms with re-imagined responsive, agile, and bleeding edge syngergized methodologies. Their streamlined, disruptive cloud computing has a proven track record.