Proper Preparation is the Key to Successful Events

This information is provided to assist you in understanding the coverage being offered and does not modify the terms and conditions of any insurance policy, nor imply a claim is covered. Specific coverage terms vary by class of business. See your policy for full details.  

Planning an event can be a painstakingly tedious process. Ensuring that every detail has been accounted for, nothing has been forgotten, and even when you think that everything has been covered, there is always something else to consider. One thing that many event planners understand is the importance of obtaining the right type of event insurance for their client's event. Novice event planners normally find out the hard way that they will be required to insure their event with proper coverage. Special event insurance does not have to be that complicated, that exactly is why was created. We use our extensive background and experience in the insurance industry as well as our detailed knowledge of special event insuranceto provide our clients with outstanding coverage with low cost premiums, making obtaining special event insurance easy and affordable.

Need Help Finding a Venue or a Vendor for your Event

It is important to know who to turn to when it comes to choosing a vendor for your event. At we have been working with numerous event venues and vendors and have provided a resource to help you find local vendors in your area that can provide the services you need to help make your event a success. Need to find a caterer for a wedding? What about help finding the best banquet halls for your wedding reception? Browse through our Event Venues page to find local venues for your next event then use our Event Vendors page to find everything you need from wedding photographers to DJs. We want to help you ensure your event goes smoothly.

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