What is a Risk Purchasing Group?

This information is provided to assist you in understanding the coverage being offered and does not modify the terms and conditions of any insurance policy, nor imply a claim is covered. Specific coverage terms vary by class of business. See your policy for full details.  

The Event Helper has an agreement with the Risk Purchasing Group, Promotion, Event and Prize Purchasing Group.

The purpose of a Risk Purchasing group is to allow a group of businesses with similar risk profiles to join together to take advantage of a joint insurance purchase.

This gives us "Group Purchasing Power!!" which helps us keep our prices low for our customers. Each individual purchaser of a policy becomes a member of this Risk Purchasing Group. Please know that there is no continuing obligations and the Membership is only valid during the specific policy period.

Common questions

  • Will there be additional fees or taxes? No
  • Is this RPG authorized in my State? RPG's are federally authorized through the Risk Retention Act of 1986. Many States require registration and we make sure we're in compliance with all 50 States.
  • Since my policy is part of a group will a large claim on another policy affect mine? No, another policy holder's claims will not affect your policy during the current policy term.
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