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Common Questions

What is vendor insurance coverage?

Whether you’re selling t-shirts, food or providing a service, the event or the venue may require that you have Vendors insurance, also known as a General Liability policy. This can protect you if there is a claim made against you for causing damage to the venue or injury to a customer.

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Why do vendors need insurance?

Contrary to what most people think, the event organizer’s insurance likely will not protect a vendor if a third party claim is the vendor’s fault. If your taco stand causes a burn to the venue’s wood flooring, you could be personally responsible to pay for its replacement.

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Do I need insurance to sell at craft fairs?

The craft fair organizer or venue may require craft vendors to carry Event General Liability. Even though selling your beautiful handmade jewelry doesn’t seem risky, a customer could trip over an extension cord or you could accidentally drop your glue gun burning the church's carpet. Claims like these could harm you and your business financially without coverage.

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Do food vendors need insurance?

Most festivals, trade shows or private events will require food vendors to carry Event General Liability Insurance even for a one day event. You want to protect yourself from claims brought against you. If you’re liable for a customer slip and fall, it could cost you thousands.

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Do I need insurance to sell at a farmers market?

Whether you’re selling handmade wind chimes or fresh vegetables at your local farmers market, look for the insurance requirements in your agreement. Having General Liability coverage that includes Product Liability is a good way to help protect you and your business. 

A customer may claim illness or injury from your peppers or a twisted ankle tripping over your display table leg. If that happens, you could be personally responsible for their medical bills.

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Does event insurance help me if I lose money because of the event?

No. Event Liability Insurance is only providing coverage if you (the insured vendor) cause injury or damage to someone else or someone else’s property. If you are looking to protect yourself in case your own products, rented equipment.

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Is there an insurance policy available for cannabis or CBD vendors?

We offer event insurance coverage with cannabis or CBD accommodation. This vendor policy will meet or exceed all of the regular coverage requirements of most venues - including property damage and bodily injury - while also allowing you to serve or sell cannabis or products.

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