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Thank you for your top notch customer service! Definitely my top choice for event insurance for my clients special events.

- Heather Hoesch
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"Was very easy and convenient, saved a lot of time and hassle." - A Paul

"So easy and quick! Great site and good price for the daily coverage. Thanks so much!" - A. Hines

"This was literally the fastest and easiest task I have crossed off my wedding to-do list. Thanks!" - Abigail

"Fast, easy, comprehensive and great rates. Event Helper understands the nuances and needs of a wide range of event types. Thanks!" - Adrienne

"This website saved my event. I had no idea I needed to procure a certificate of liability for my tiny music recital, and your website was so user friendly and offered great pricing. I got the certificate in less than 10 minutes and sent it along in the nick of time! Thank you so much!" - Alaina Kay Musich

"You guys did a fantastic job. I felt very good about the insurance I purchased and it did not break the bank. Also since it was done online, I felt incontrol of the whole process." - Albert McRae

"Incredibly easy, simple and fast. This experience was excellent and reminded me of the award winning service provided by Apple for their products and within their retail stores. Thank you, Alberto DJ/Performer" - Alberto Denis

"I am so glad someone sent me this link. I had no idea how to get insurance for my dance recital. This was simple and took under 8 minutes. Thank you!" - Alex

"Great Web-site !! Very easy to use.....Very User Friendly. Highly Recommended." - Alex - DJ San Antonio

"Very user friendly website. Very easy to use. Highly recommend for all small or large business." - Alex Avila

"Wow! such an easy transaction. Thank you so much." - Alfredo Montes

"Exactly what I needed last minute and got it right away. When I called to ask a question someone picked up right away and knew the answer immediately. Also easy to fill out the application." - Alison

"This was a very simple service to use. The information bubbles on the application were very informative." - Aliyah M.

"It appears that your site asks pertinent questions and provides for fitting answers and a reasonable quote. Thus far, all to the good." - Allan D. Austin

"This was the easiest process I've ever gone through to get event insurance! We will be back. Thank you so much!" - Allena Gabosch

"Wow. Its so easy a caveman can do it. Thanks for making events so easy and affordable. Alton Henry" - Alton Henry

"Thank you, Event Helper. Your site is user friendly and the rates are very affordable. Keep up the great work and thank you again!" - Alvin Cruz

"Easy to set-up. Easy to use. Highly recommend!" - Alysha

"Such a quick and easy process! Very affordable coverage as well!" - Amanda

"Awesome company! Very helpful and very pleasant staff" - Amanda

"Eventhelper is fantastic. The insurance is easy to purchase, I instantly get my certificates, and on the rare occasion I've had a question, the support staff are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Love you guys, thanks!" - Amanda Hobson

"I love this company! The website is very user friendly, and when I had questions about coverage, I received a call back within 30 minutes. Will walked me through everything I needed to know and even stayed on the phone with me until my certificate was printed! Thanks for all the help!" - Amanda Slade

"Thank you for being a company that values great customer service. I have had to call you twice with questions and your representatives have been nothing but pleasant, patient, and knowledgeable. They take their time explaining things and make sure I'm satisfied before hanging up. It's rare to find such impressive service these days." - Amber

"Website is very user friendly and the event insurance for our wedding was more affordable than any other quote I received. Thank you!" - Amy

"THANK YOU my insurance agent tried to charge me over TRIPLE what your site gave me for event insurance, and it took him 3 weeks to get the quote. I found this site and was like "wow" . Very impressed and grateful! Amy T" - Amy T

"Allen had the most excellent customer service. Super professional and very efficient." - Anabel Garcia

"This was the easiest thing I have done thus far for our event and I am telling you that makes everything A OKAY with me :)" - Andrea J

"Thanks Shawna you were such a big help. The process was quick and easy." - Anette

"Alan was very helpful with answering all my questions. Thank You" - Angela

"Let me start with this. I am a real person, a real customer and I have no affiliation whatsoever with this company other than that. I don’t even know where to start. My mind has seriously been blown. I cannot recollect the last time that I have experienced this level of AMAZING customer service. I chose for one reason alone, it was by far, hands down, the best option available. It offered the most coverage at the most affordable rates. My event had to be rescheduled for extreme reasons out of my control. I completely neglected to call Event Helper to have them change my policy to the new date. I remembered just shortly before the new date approached and thought that I was completely for lack of a better word, screwed. I figured that a company with rates this low had to have a catch right? They would definitely hardball me, not work with me, force me to purchase a new policy… that’s what any other company would do right? Take advantage of the situation? Well, not Event Helper. I spoke with an agent by the name of Alexis. She was more concerned with the awful circumstances that had put me into this situation than my failure to alert her company to the consequential changes. She sympathized with everything that I had been through and expressed her eagerness to do anything she could to help make my situation better. She immediately changed my policy and saved the day. I am so incredibly grateful because the truth is, I did not have it in me to argue or fight for what I needed. Please heed my word, if you need insurance for your event, do not look anywhere else. I would have been willing to pay twice as much if I had realized that it came with this level of incredible customer service. Save yourself the stress and go with a company you can trust and rely on… and that company is" - Angela

"This insurance was recommended to me by the site I was renting. The site is easy to navigate and if you have a question - the agents are very helpful." - Anita

"What a life and time saver! Thank God for The Event Helper! It really does make everything so much less complicated, which is always refreshing when your dealing with all the nitty gritties of planing an event! I just wanted to say a special thank you to Will Maddas, who went above and beyond to help us out at the eleventh hour. Much appreciated! I reccommend this site and service highly. We will be back again.... that is for sure! OMEN PR" - Anjuli Flamer-Caldera- Omen PR

"Awesome, easy, inexpensive and good." - Ann Marie

"Wow this is amazing. I was just about to pay over 700.00 to get event insurance from a local insurance agent, because they told me a year worth was the minimum. I did not realize I could buy insurance only for the dates I need it. EventHelper was a lifesaver and a money saver for me! Thanks!" - Ann, CA

"This was the simplest and quickest way to get event insurance online. Very happy with the efficiency!!" - AnnS

"Easy to use. Much appreciated." - Anna

"This site was easy to navigate. All the information I needed was here, and I could easily click to explanations of terms and conditions when I needed more information. Your service was simple and quick, and now I have the policy I needed in order to make my event a reality." - Anna Lageson-Kerns

"Website was easy to use and the process was quick." - Anne

"Best price I found on the web. Easy to complete and covered everything requested by the venue." - Anne

"Event ROCKS!!!! They have been extremely helpful and response has been very quick! Thanks soo much!" - Anne McManus

"Very easy to purchase insurance for my son's birthday party and add my entertainer and venue as additional insured. Alan was very helpful over the phone. This is my second time using" - Annette

"I certaintly enjoyed talking with Will.... He was very helpful. I will use this company again." - Annette

"Obtaining insurance for our annual music school recital was a breeze with this insurance company website. It also happens to be amongst the most cost-effective insurance companies we have found." - Anshu Saran

"awesome cite. easy to use. thanks for making my event a good one." - Aracelis

"Very easy to use website. Best price I found!" - Arlene

"Thank you for your incredible customer service. Every question was answered patiently and thoroughly. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest your services!" - Ashlee

"Very easy to use. Competitive pricing. Hopefully I won't actually need it!" - B. Niehoff

"Thank you so much for being so professional in answering questions. Great Job!" - B. Norman

"I just have to say that Mark was outstanding. Got a quote instantly, was able to purchase online and print out the policy with no complication. Thank you for your help." - BARTENDING CONCIERGE

"Love it! Fast, reliable and easy!!!" - Banning

"Glad to have this option for insurance to cover our one day event next month. Since our auto/renter's insurance policies will not help us we had to use this insurer instead." - Barb Westgarth

"This was a quick and affordable way to get insurance and not a lot of questions that didn't make sense like the other websites. Satisfied with your application and affordable. I will be a returning customer." - Barbara

"Eventhelper saved a baby shower! I was told by our insurance agent that they had insured the rental facility before and it would just cost a few dollars to increase my homeowners liability to $1mil for the event. The other policy was emailed to facility that quickly refused it as the alcohol box was not checked... Other agency did not realize or ask if there was alcohol 'champagne' and for $358.00 could find another carrier. After hours of checking I was referred to Eventhelper for a $104.25 cost. Eventhelper policy was activated within minutes, emailed to facility that immediatly accepted the policy. Eventhelper was readily available by phone. I highly recommend Eventhelper!" - Barbara

"I just want to thank you again for all your help :) Its been a pleasure speaking to you and doing business with you! Thanks for making the website so user friendly and efficient and the product affordable. I wish you much success!" - Barbara Cheeseman

"Easy as pie. Price was 1/4 of what we previously were paying for the same event. Thank you, event helper." - Barbara Jay

"Thank you for being so helpful! You made getting insurance so easy!" - Beach Babies Kidsale

"The folks here are real pros! We only use Event Helper for all our customer needs in CA !" - Beach Coast Insurance

"Thank you Event Helper! This site is a breeze to use and so helpful. It puts the fun back into having an event!" - Becki Rudig

"Thanks for the fluid and friendly service!" - Ben

"I am an event planner and have insurance for my services. However, I had to produce an event for a client that would be a game changer for the company i work for Eventsy. My new client was VH-1 some of their request for their event lead me to hire some friends in the TV/Movie industry that are set designers to convert their office into a winter wonderland and a great NYC restaurant for catering. We had a tight window and needed COI for all vendors. My fancy google skills landed me on your sight (Thank who ever does your SEO you ranked within the first page). I recommend to both parties and we landed the job. They will be back as we land further events. Thank you for a fast turn around. 15 minutes at most." - Bernard Gonzalez

"Quick and easy - had to call for one question, and staff were professional and helpful. Thanks!" - Beth Graham/Activ8

"Easy!" - Bethykat

"It was good, I took me awhile to figure out, but that's because I'm not familiar with computer. I also talked with person when I called who was very helpful. Thank you for your help!!" - Beulah Begay

"Thank you so much for the help setting up the insurance for this wkend. I was having computer problems and you was very patient and walked me through it. I really appreciate all the help and will continue to refer you to friends." - Bev Korn

"Event Helper is fast & easy, even for last-minute insurance needs. I love it." - Beverly Bremers - WCPT Showcase

"Awesome service! Very easy to use! I would definitely recommend this to people looking to purchase event insurance!" - Bhaavna

"This was an easy clear complete expierence !!!" - Bill

"Marc, Thanks for all the help & the engaging intellectual conversation!" - Blackii Whyte

"Well-organized site, easy-to-use interface, and excellent customer service over the phone if you have questions or need to customize your coverage. Excellent price and (practically) instant service. 5 stars, and would definitely recommend to others!" - Blair Baker

"Fast, extremely easy to use and reasonable fee" - Bob Harkins Sr

"Fast. Low Price. However the policy on line is old and out-of-date and does not match the on-line application, COI, or declaration page. The one day event I wrote turned out to be an annual policy on the actual policy download w/the wrong dates. Dates and signature on COI, etc., are likewise out-of-date and incorrect. I will probably use again, but fear if a lawsuit/claim arises, expense $$$ will increase because of old/stale documents." - Bob Walsh

"So simple it is scary! What an amazing insurance platform!" - Borda Productions

"Very fast and efficient. Good people to deal with." - Boyd S. Stevens

"The website was so simple to use that I was convinced it was too good to be true. My certificate of liability was beamed back instantaneously, and within minutes of forwarding it to the city I received my permit! Thanks, Will!" - Brad

"Event Helper has been great. They made it so easy for me to get coverage right when I needed it. All the other places I checked took days to even give me a quote. Event Helper took minutes to give me a quote and sign me up for good, solid coverage. I was able to print all my policy information and a certificate of coverage within 30 minutes of contacting them." - Brandon

"A very convenient service reasonably priced. i also got quick answers to a phone call for help with the form. Thanks very much!" - Brent Ransom

"Quick and easy, and $50 cheaper than Wedsafe!" - Brian

"We have used you guys for years for our consignment sale insurance. Always easy." - Britt M Clearie

"Super helpful, easy to use, quick and cheap. Thanks!" - Brittany

"The Service was fantastic. I called them with a specific request, and they were able to direct me from start to finish in a very quick and organized fashion. Pre-Med AMSA highly recommends the, and will be coming back to them for future events." - Brittany Derieg

"This site is the best priced. I got quotes from 4 other companies and this one was $75 cheaper and had more coverage for your money. Thank you so much for the best rates and the feeling of not worrying on our wedding day! Thank you VERY much!" - Bryana H

"So easy! So inexpensive! What a simple process to have insurance for our conferences." - Butch Oxendine

"Affordable,Easy,Fun,Complete,Dwnld or Print,provide Event Day!!!!!! I will be a returning customer :) :) :) ...oh and if you call them with questions they are very friendly...well at least to me :)" - Buzz*E

"It was so quick and SO easy to get event insurance through your site. It was very easy to fill out and I was able to send my documents to my event company immediately. Thank you!" - C. Struthers

"WOWZERZ! That was so easy guys! AWESOME! Thank You so much for existing lol! I will definitely continue to use your services as well as send fellow DJ's your way for Awesome, Easy & Amazing Service! Thank You so much once again! You guys ROCK! =)" - CHARLES (DJ-XTC)

"That was easy, fast and affordable. The documents are great and the site is very intuitive. great job!" - CJ

"My insurance company quoted a rate that was double your rate. Thank you for the quick, easy and affordable event insurance!" - CNF

"It was very fast to get the Policy. I just hope, in case I need to use it, they give me good service also. Tank you." - COCOA LATIN BAND

"The process of obtaining general liability insurance for our event (Family Reunion) was extrememly user friendly. For upcoming events for my Church and family, I will definitely utilize, Thank You." - CTB Family Reunion

"OMG!!! This was the easiest thing to do ever. When my wedding venue asked for a $2,000,000.oo policy I about fainted. But I called them and it only cost me 172.00 . This was a big relief. Thanks eventhelper" - Cagnie/Parker wedding

"Thank you for offering this service, it is wonderful for one day events we use in my business a lot especially for our booster club events. Easy, fast, and affordable!" - Capital Elite All Stars

"Least expensive wedding coverage and made easy with a well-designed and well-written web experience. Thanks!" - Carl

"Have used twice, fast and easy. good coverage for my individual events" - Carly

"This was so easy to do you and a reasonable price! In the future if I need event insurance this is where I will come first!" - Carollynn

"This is my first experience getting event liability Insurance. Wow, super easy and most affordable. Thank you for your help Allen! You were great!" - Carri Visser

"This was so quick and easy, I will definitely reccommend you! Thanks!" - Carrie Dennis

"So easy, simple and cost effective... THANK YOU EVENTHELPER.COM!" - Casandra Tanenbaum

"Could not be easier or more affordable way to get event insurance. I wish I knew about this a longtime ago." - Cathy

"Easy and efficient way to purchase event insurance." - Cathy

"Ease of use and competitive pricing makes Eventhelper a winner." - Cathy DePasquale

"This was very user friendly. My bank loan officer was getting married and she recommended you to us, and I believe this to be the most hassle free way to acquire event coverage. Thanks for you help!" - Cathy Love

"This site was very easy to use and guided me smoothly through the insurance process for a one-day event." - Cathy Slater

"Event Helper is so great! I needed a Gen Liability event certificate and it only took me 5 minutes! Great resource and very user friendly!" - Catie

"This is the 4th time I have used Event Helper. I am very pleased with the website, company and price. This time I had to make changes to the form and was assisted via email and had the problem solved within a couple of hours. Thanks" - Cecil Southern

"Cheer! First Class and very professional company. They cover my events from now on. Helpful and friendly service that meets your needs right away." - Chad Groth

"First time user of site, easy to read and understand...Thanks" - Charles Parrish

"Very easy to fill-out the form and the cost of the policy is very reasonable." - Charlie Lane

"YOU GUY’S ARE THE BEST! MY Promoters changed their site to a city ball park and they required me to add them to my insurance. Because I only do this event once a year I didn’t think it would be possible to have insurance just for the day and make it feasible. I was about to give it to another company, when I found you guys. You saved the event. Everything was simple to do on the webpage. Thanks and I will be using you guys in the future!!!! Chef Serg" - Chef Serg

"Quick, Easy to understand. It was like event insurance for dummies only i felt smart. Thank YOU" - Cherie Wasit

"Very Easy! Thanks!" - Cheryl

"Your site is wonderful. The application process was easy to follow, payment method went smoothly and best of all, your rates were far better than other company's are quoting for a single day event. Will use your site again in the future as the need arises." - Cheryl Andersen

"Every year, I can always count on to give me the peace of mind event professionals want during an event. Thank you" - Cheryl Lawson

"I have been using Event Helper to assist my clients in getting liability insurance when they don't own their own home and have been very pleased with the cost and the promptness you have provided. I will continue to use you in the future. Chet Wilson Property Manager, Luther Burbank Art and Garden Center" - Chet Wilson

"Totally easy, the thing that took the longest was checking rates (all higher) on other sites. I particularly enjoyed all the fun events listed in the pull down menus, lol!" - Chris

"We have used many times and love how fast and easy it is to get a Certificate of Insurance for any event that we need to provide coverage for. Chris Weinberg, Owner Chris Weinberg Events Miami FL" - Chris Weinberg Events

"This was a very simple website to use with affordable coverage. :)" - Christelle Dowsley

"This was the easiest way I have ever purchased insurance for a wedding reception, not to mention the least expensive. Talk about quick to receive the certificate of liability, instantly. What a time saver!!! I will use this service again and have already referred your service to others. You go guy!!!!" - Christina

"Awesome, quick and easy! Affordable." - Christina G

"I have been using the Event Helper for 4 years and I am 100 per cent pleased with the service I am getting. If you have any questions, they always respond quickly, politely and are very professional. The policy is easy to set up and if you have any problems they will help you. The other thing is the insurance policy for food vendors, like myself is extremely reasonable. Thank you Marc and Will, for all your help. You are awesome." - Christine Gardner

"great job" - Christine Halley

"Very user-friendly website. Great product of wedding insurance!" - Christine Steadman

"Very quick and directly to the point. No headaches or running around in circles to get my event policy. Thanks!" - Christopher Coupel

"I first connected with Event Helper in 2013 for our event insurance and was very pleased with the cost and coverage. This year we are doing our annual event again and I went to the website to purchase insurance again. While completing the form on line I mistakenly clicked the wrong category of event and before I realized it had purchased a policy for considerably more than last year. I emailed the "info" department and explained my mistake and requested an adjustment. The response was very quick and without question I was advised a refund for the difference would be credited to my card! I am very impressed with this and glad we returned again to use Event Helper for our insurance needs!" - Christopher Percy

"This service was very professional. Prompt quality service. I will definitely use this service again in the near future." - Christopher Wills

"Getting wedding insurance on this site was easy, fast and best of all affordable. I will be referring friends and family to the site for all their insurance needs." - Chuvala Brown

"our insurance agent referred us to another site, but your site offered better coverage at less cost, and no MEMBERSHIP FEE. Thanks" - Cindy

"I am so amazed at how easy this was to do. I will highly recommend this site to any of my friends that need event insurance." - Cindy

"Easy Process to get the insurance you need for an Event." - Cindy

"Thanks for making this a quick way to get wedding insurance and reasonably priced." - Cindy Bronson

"Easy and reasonably priced." - Cindy Stockton

"Thanks. We waited till the last minute to purchase insurance. Glad to know you are here to help. AB - President CBGB" - Citizens For A Better Grand Bay

"I run a small photo booth company, and my liability policy (I never leave home without it) had just lapsed. I needed one for a last minute event (venue required), and getting mine renewed would not have happened in time. I found Event Helper online. Spoke to Marc, he explained the details...simple! I did everything through their website. Marc was very helpful, and obtaining policy was done in less than 10 minutes. Thanks! I will def use you again!" - Clark

"Nice and easy! Online prompts very helpful for a Father of the Bride and all the anxiety that a wedding somehow creates. Excellent customer service from Justin when I called for clarification. Thank you" - Cliff Wentworth

"This was so easy and affordable, thanks for making this process painless and completely easy to understand for those of us not familiar with the process. I will be using you again! Colleen" - Colleen

"Hi, I am the daughter of Larry Lopez whom just recently made a purcahse for insurance funeral services. I spoke to Mark on the phone, who is very polite, and he offered to stay on the phone with me while I continued to finish the application. I truly appreciate the quality of service your company put into this transcation. My father and I had been looking for insurance quotes and this was this best one by far. Again, Thank you for making this pleasant, easy and efficient. I will make sure to pass on the good word in any future event that may take place. Sincerely, Connie Lopez" - Connie Lopez

"This was so easy and fast and a great price compared to other companies. I will use you in the future. Thanks" - Connie Parodo

"Boy, was this easy and cheap! I had to contact the company by phone, was treated very well, this couldn't have been more successful. The web site works beautifully." - Constance Strawn

"This was a quick and easy process. Thanks!" - Corey Dunlap

"Thank you for your quick help on this special event insurance. Just what I needed!" - Corky Broaddus

"Event Helper is easy and a great price for Event insurance." - Craig

"I am favorably impressed with your application process. You may be assured that CASBA ( Cookie and Snack Bakers' Association) will continue to use your coverage in future years." - Craig S. Parrish

"This website is awesome! Never knew it existed until a friend told me about it. I have a small company that needs insurance occasionally and this is perfect! Thank you!!!" - Cynthia Barnes

"Was a little concerned at first after search many sites on the web due to extreme costs for event insurance. Glad I came across your website, great design, easy to use and affordable. I have added you to my favorites list and will be using you for all my events!" - D.Jauregui




"A great way to buy Event Insurance. Simple user friendly web site. A great experience with filling out forms and getting the insurance certificate." - Dallas Godrrey

"Simple and easy to do. Will definitely use again. Thanks!" - Dan

"Easy to work with. Site is easy to use. Price was very good." - Dan Cork

"This is the second time I've used your service. It is quick and easy to navigate..the price is right..I'll be back" - Dan Cork

"The event helper guy just saved my life, as I waited until the last minute to get this insurance, then it did not get through my email. I call and was able to talk directly with the owner. He set me straight. I had the papers in my hand in 2 minutes. Great Service and Product." - Daniel Allen

"Thanks for the help. Looking forward to working with you." - Daniel Defranco

"Thank you so much for the help setting up the insurance for my toys for tots car show. Yals site was so easy to use and got my certificate right away witch really helped out. I really appreciate all the help and will continue to refer you to friends. Thank you for everything!" - Daniel Moulder

"Second year in a row I've purchased event insurance from Their customer service rep was knowledgeable and helped me select the right amount of coverage. Price can't be beat. Highly recommended!" - Daniel Webb

"Easy to use, quick and reasonable rates." - Danielle

"Very easy to use. I could almost feel them holding my hand as the website walked me through the process. The price is right, too. I had no idea eventhelper existed. I'm going to pass them along to the venue i'm using as well as my event planner (wife)." - Danny

"This was so easy to use! In 10 minutes you will have the documents that you need for your event! Love it!" - Dare Samm Productions

"For those of you who have the need to urchase insurance for a special event, this company is, bar none, the BEST I've worked with. The event helper continuously excedes all my expectations specifically with time and any wording shanges that are needed. The event helper has made my job as a event planner easy! I appreciate all they do. Thank you! Dave Plautz" - Dave

"Always easy up to date with web. Use this many times." - Dave

"Just purchased 1 day host liability insurance, the process was easy and the price was very good. Thank You" - Dave Pace

"This is a great site and Service? Fast and straight forward." - Dave Sluka

"Totally amazing, quick, easy. Will use you again." - David

"Website was easy to use and understand." - David

"Fast and easy way to insure your 5K event." - David Cockburn

"I can not believe how easy it was to sign up for this insurance for a party. I wish I knew about this before" - David Goldstein

"Outstanding!! Ease of use and very reasonable rates. Love EventHelper!" - David Jones

"This is a fantastic product. Took less than 15 minutes to secure the coverage." - David Levinson

"Needed a policy for the band to play a hotel party. No Muss, No Fuss. Approved by hotel, paid for and printed docs, all in less than 24 freakin hours. Cannot beat that. D" - David Mast/MisterShow the Band

"This was quick and easy. I handle renting out venues for meeting groups and they are always asking about referrals for insurance. I will share this site with them." - Dawn

"You covered our event last year, doing it again this year. Price is right and so simple! So worth the peace of mind. Thanks!!" - Dawn

"Fast, cheap and easy!" - Dawn

"Awesome! This insurance process was painless and easy Thanks" - DaySpring Christian Fellowship Church

"Exactly what we needed and more. Easy to do and when I called with questions, they were answered promptly and cheerfully. Would totally recommend as they save me over $200 for a one time event." - Debbie

"web site very easy to use instant cert making one less thing to worry about for the big day. Nice job" - Debbie

"Easy, fast & cost effective. Thank you" - Debbie

"Very easy to use.... quick with no problems at all" - Debbie Cox

"Thank you! I just need event coverage for a small baby shower, I called my own insurance agent as well as a few the venue recommended, I was getting quotes that were 5 times higher than what I paid with the Event Helper, your website is super user friendly and your prices cannot be beat!" - Debbie McLamb Ward

"It was easy to use your site for our event insurance, and reasonable in cost." - Debby

"Easy to do" - Deborah

"I am so impressed with customer service of the Event Helper! I thought I had imput the wrong date for the event and Will called me back late on Labor Day Friday to let me know everything was taken care of. I will be suggesting Event Helper to everyone I know who puts on special events and needs insurance for them. You just cannot beat the price either! Thanks again, Will!" - Deborah Allen

"Exceptional service with policy origination and binding." - Debra

"FANTASTIC and reasonably priced. I am not computer literate, but it took only minutes to complete the application and other requirements, download and print the certificate." - Debra Beauford

"You came highly recommended from a large event coordinator in our area. Your sight was easy to use and when I ran across something I didn't understand. The answer was easy to find and clear and simply written. Thank you. Just having insurance is one more worry off my mind in the list of to do's in getting any event off the ground." - Debra Jo Chiapuzio

"Thank you for supplying with me affordable insurance for my daughter's upcoming wedding! I had no idea how much insurance like this cost when I contacted my agent to get the insurance. Through them it would have been over $900.00 however they directed me to your website and said I could get the insurance through at an affordable price. They were correct! Thanks so much!" - Denise Hardcastle

" is a really simple website to get event insurance. The rate is very competitive. I love it and I would recommend to anyone. Thank you." - Denise Nguyen

"Easy process to apply for the coverage." - Dennis Shelters

"The website was easy to use and understand. Thank you for making my day easier." - Derek Evers

"Event Helper is a great company to work with - I've used two years in a row for an annual event for charity. The process online is simple and quick. If you need to speak with them they always answer the phone and are willing to help. Very friendly. Kudos go to Justin Deme and Lauren Maddux who helped me through a stressful power outage and having to move the date of my event. I highly recommend" - Devery Rielly

"So easy, so quick, best price I could find online. Perfect! Thank you!" - Dew

"Very easy, easy website to use! Thank you!" - Diana Brown

"I am putting on a one day fund-raising Run and Walk and needed basic general liability insurance for the venue. Your website is easy to use and guided me through every step. It was fast and easy and even sent the certificates to the people to which I needed them sent. Thank you. I'll keep your info on hand and will refer you to others as well. Diana Dolan" - Diana Dolan

"so easy to deal with and issue" - Diane Corsaro

"Quick and Easy, Awesome! Thank you!" - Diane Lange

"As groom of a wedding coming up, I have to say the process of enrolling my event for liability insurance was a piece of cake at The logical layout and technologically sound programming to keep the site quick and seamless was immediately evident to me. I'v head to make some additions and changes since I first bought the insurance and doing so has also been very easy. I called the company once and was greeted with kindness and professionalism and an obvious upper eschalon operator of the company handled my request on the spot. He thanked me for my business before wishing me a happy wedding. Oh, and the price, absolutely fair, in fact, a bit better than a competitor I considered before locking it down. Bravo EventHelper, and thank you!" - Dion

"We have used Event Helper for the past year for additional insurance for our outdoor concerts and events. The website is easy to navigate and understand, it is a simple process from getting a quote to making a payment and the best part is your insurance documents are ready immediately. If you need answers you couldn't find on the website they have a knowledgeable staff that will provide you one with a smile and little or n hold time. Keep up the good work Event Helper!!" - Dixie Roadhouse

"Very easy to secure a Liability Policy for my upcoming event and very reasonable. I only had a problem downloading the entire policy." - Dolores Hardy

"Very reasonable cost for my event which is held twice a year. Easy to do online, but when I get stuck on a question, I just call them and they walk me through it in order to complete policy." - Dolores Hardy

"This was an easy procedure... I love the step by step instuctions and the help they give with all the questions you might have. Great experience!Thanks.." - Dolores Rosas

"EventHelper was recommended to me and the process went smoothly and quickly. Would definitely recommend." - Don

"A-STOUND-ing! VERY competitive quotes / prices. SUPER simple - could NOT be easier. BOOM! THIS is our go-to event coverage from now on." - Don Broesamle

"Great Rates and easy to do. Justin was very helpful as usual (this is the second business we've used through event, always available. Thanks again. Don" - Don Frislid

"Fast, complete service and questions answered. The price is good too!" - Don Hook

"Spectrum Entertainment Highly recommends the Event Helper for Insurance and for finding other party professionals." - Don Lanier

"We have a large training event every year in the spring and a holiday party in December. I've been using The Event Planner for five years and have always been pleased with the service. The customer support staff are wonderful. They're very patient when I have to call them for help. Highly recommended." - Donald Wert

"Quick, easy, and affordable." - Donna

"I read some of the other testimonials and they are right YOU SAVED MY EVENT. Bobby Alvara was FANTASTIC. It was very much crunch time with my event and Bobby had everything together exactly the way the County wanted it. Answered all my "off the wall" questions. Then I had my certificate of insurance. Thank you so much. When we get the funds raised from this event the American Cancer Society thanks you also. Thanks to Bobby and Event Helper." - Donna Ashmore


Definitely the best and easy way to get your event insured, great service, thanks again!

" - Donovan Chilton

"I was very pleased with the service provided by Event They made the process of purchasing liability insurance for our event an easy one. We will certainly come back to them for future events." - Doug LeClaire

"Amazingly easy and economical! Very nice, and thanks...." - Doug Lockwood

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"Dear Event Helper: Your service has been incomparable in the speed and convenience of attaining the standard $1,000,000 Liability Insurance Venues need from it's incoming Vendors. The speed, ease and price are unmatched. The customer service people are equally as helpful and knowledgeable any time I have a question. Thank you for your invaluable help." - Doug Winters

"You are such a great help and resource. As a non-profit organization, this site is fundamentally helpful to making our fundraising costs much more affordable. Thank YOU!" - Dr Regina Curtis

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"We had a difficult time getting insurance for our photo shoot from our corporate insurance company... and Will at made it happen... I mean, MADE IT HAPPEN - I can not thank him enough for going the extra mile and helping me out. We will tell everyone about this service and the extraordinary customer service they provided. Thank you!" - Ed B.

"Great! Easy to understand and process!" - Edmund Burke

"After working with a different agency, I found EVENT HELPER through Spring Board for the Arts referral in Minnesota. Go. No. Further. Will and Allan are great to work with, timely, and detailed oriented. They know their stuff! I am particularly grateful to Will for sending a break down of the policy to a venue that I was performing in. The show was a tight budget and I did not have the funds nor the time to go looking or adding to event helper. Thank you Event Helper!" - Eileen Dahill

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"SO EASY! If your venue requires liability insurance, get it here!" - Elizabeth

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"It was incerdibly easy to complete the process and the Certificate was emailed to me immediately. I wasn't aware that this site existed and was trying to go through my Insurance Agent to get this event coverage. He spent 2 days and came up with virtually nothing except a policy for 3 times what I paid event helper. I would most definately use this site again if I run into a need for an event Certificate in the future." - Eric Meyer

"I can't figure out how to log out!" - Erica

"LOVED THE WEBSITE !!! very easy to use and very straight forward. Other insurance websites where very difficult to use or understand. Will recommend it to anyone who needs to have insurance for their event. Loved how it showed as if i was doing my own invoice." - Erica Contreras

"We researched many sources and Event Helper was the quickest and most inexpensive for the same or better coverage for our convention. The representative I spoke with on the phone was helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. I could not have asked for a better interaction. Thanks - Event Helper!" - Erin Smith

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"The only thing that bothers me is that my information is online. I hope that this is secured in someway" - Florence Sena

"In this day and age of confusion and rip-offs, this fabulous insurance company for events is first class. They are inexpensive, have a user friendly site and their customer service is excellent. I highly recommend them. Thank you, Marc, for your immediate attention and resolution to my call for help. Well done! Many blessings, Freddye for Carolyne J.F." - Foundation for the S.T.A.R.S.

"FABulous! Absolutely great customer service! EASY site to get around in and I am so glad I found the Event Helper! I will be using your company from now on for all our FABulous Bridal Affairs nationwide! " - Fran Hansen

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"Very quick application process. Best Prices. What more could you want?" - Gary

"I would like to thank Event Helper for providing me an easy to use website to conduct and purchase my insurance needs. It was quick and efficient. I plan on using Event Helper for my event next year. Thank you again." - Gary Palmer

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"Your Company did a great job. You saved me $282.00 from the other insurance I got a quote from for the exact same coverage. Thank you very much." - Go4Texas Enterprises

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"Though you were low-bid, the cost for this single-day event was so expensive it turned the event into a net-loss for this newly-formed club. Ouch!" - Gretchen Howell, All Dog Barn Hunt

"This website made the process of getting insurance for my swapmeet easy and painfree! I wish the rest of my planning had gone this smoothly! Thanks so much!" - Heather

"Recommend this site for Morehouse College's Homecoming tailgate experience. The website is great. Customer service needs to be a bit more friendly. Was polite but didn't thank me for recommending the service to 40 other vendors. Also I know I saw on this site you could get a policy of $500,000. The gentleman stated that he had never seen that in the years he had been working there - hhhmmm.....interesting......Otherwise I would use this company again." - Heather

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"Thanks for the easy peace of mind! We are glad to be repeat customers." - Helen

"Thanks for the easy peace of mind! We are glad to be repeat customers." - Helen Stiskal

"This web svc is really wonderful. I scheduled an event but the last minute the landlord required an insurance certificate, I shop around it almost no way to get a COI in two days deadline. This company saved my event and eliminate lots of troubles of event cancellation might caused. I called a few times for questions , a guy answered politely and patiently! The price is reasonable ! Thanks for your creative service!" - Henry lee

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"I love it, is so easy and symple to fill out. and best price. thanks" - IRENE




"Love event Very convenient and fast!" - Ileana Vogel

"Easy to do but it would not let me change number of Guest." - Irene Barron

"As a new organization purchasing insurance for the first time, The Event Helper has been the best to work with! They are patient, have superb customer service, and are very prompt with replies. Highly recommend them!" - Isabella E Hughes

"I was a bit up-set when I discovered that the place where I was holding my event required extra insurance. I was even more upset when I called the first company they suggested ($$$$). I got really happy when I landed here though. The on-line application was EASY to read and follow. The PRICE was much more competitive then the other suggested event insurance companies. Customer support (Marc) got back to me right away too. Nice looking product ! Steve Turner" - It's EASY

"Fast, easy and inexpensive when I consider the coverage and safety of all involved. Website very user friendly! Thanks for making this important detail o quick and painless! Now, on with the party... I hope we do not need to use your services again! :-)" - Ivi Turner

"We will be celebrating our union under God with all our close friends and family. We are super exited and can't wait for the day to come. Nadi and I met at Shepherds praise chapel and it was love at first sight. We instantly became very good friends as we served and wrote music together. We owe it all to Jesus." - J N=JESUS



"Great, quick, affordable. Nice guarantee." - JD

"So easy and simple to use, great customer service on the phone as well as through email. Had a special request for my certificate, was taken care of and emailed to me immediately...couldn't have been less worry when planning a huge event. Definitely will recommend you to others. Thank You!" - JMoreno

"Very pleases with both individuals I worked with. The information and policy I needed came to me within seconds of our conversation. Thank you!!!" - Jack Matthews

"Thank you Will! You just made my day & night and provided me with a little peace of mind. :)" - Jackie Lumz

"Quick, easy, and inexpensive. I got coverage for my wedding in less than 15 minutes." - Jacob Bear

"Will was very helpful with this last minute insurance process. Very easy to talk with and guided me throught the steps to make my birthday party successful. He is the greatest. So if you have a event please I mean please deal with this guy. He will make you feel like more than a customer." - Jacoy Belafonte Owens

"This was a first-run event for us and in a venue we have never used before. You made the whole process easy, quick and affordable. In an economy that requires each individual to "fend" for themselves, you are a very worth while resource. Thank you." - Jacqueline

"Very nice system, thanks" - Jame Hendricks

"Wow!! I am just blown away with not only the ease of obtaining a certificate of insurance, but also the customer service that I received from Marc!!! This is my first time using their system and I did err in filling out part of the form, but he answered the phone right away and fixed my error within minutes. This takes much less time than contacting my own insurance company..." - James Cubbage

"Love this site very fast service and good customer service" - James Gonzalez

"It was so easy and affordable! Thank you!" - James Greening

"What a relief! After being turned down locally twice and told that "nobody is writing these policies any more," Mark made it so simple. I'm so grateful to be able to move ahead with our benefit rummage sale. This is allowing us to have the sale in a great spot for good visibility to the people we want to reach! Thanks so much!" - Jan

"Nothing but good experience! The application process was seamless. My one phone call was very helpful. The rate is reasonable and covers just what I needed, so I'm a satisfied customer. Thank you!" - Jan Kucharik

"Just want to say thanks for the help in getting the event insurance. Was so easy to do. Thanks. jane" - Jane Barrett

"Found in a internet search for my wedding and reception insurance needs and happy I did. Very easy to fill out online application and to complete. Very professional process and easy to print documents right away." - Janet McKnight

"This Insurance company is very easy to use I will use them again!! They even sent us back money they said we didn't owe! Very happy with them over all!!" - Janet Pickett

"Having lost my K&K insurance policy with Creative Memories, I contacted several on line insurance companies. I was required by a venue to obtain liability insurance. All other vendors were cost prohibitive. I contacted Event Helper since "scrapbooking event" was not a category and got a response the same day. I also had questions answered by them FAST. This is such a change from K&K which never seemed interested in answering questions, nor contacting me back, If you are a SMALL business venue...use these people as they have terrific customer service and their pricing is completely affordable compared to competitors!!" - Janice

"Easy online application process." - Janice

"I have to say it was very easy to fill out application and quick. I had requested other insurance quotes and by far this was the cheapest. Thank you for helping us stay with in our budget." - Janice

"I am blown away by the speed and ease of My absolute go to from now on!" - Janine Jordan

"I got a couple other quotes . . . this was by far the most inexpensive and comprehensive I found! In addition, the process to request insurance was so simple it took about 10 minutes! Thanks!" - Jared West

"Thank you Event Helper!! You guys are the best - I've had my policy for almost a year now and Mark and Will have been so helpful to me anytime I had a question or needed something resolved. I can't tell you how great it feels that you guys are so available to help, and ready at a moments notice, super patient and always kind. THANK YOU!" - Jared Young (Go Team Events)

"So quick! So simple! I am a happy New Yorker :)" - Jarrod K

"I can't believe how thorough and easy this was! I've organized several concerts before, but I've never had to have any event insurance--it was always covered by the venue. I hope my event goes as smoothly as this did. Thanks!" - Jarrod Williams

"This is my first time using you guys, but you certainly saved my tail! lol I needed coverage for the same day, and the transaction was complete within an hour! Thank you so much, and hope to talk with someone face to face one day soon. I will be a returned customer for sure. Thanks again." - Jascinth Brockington

" was an extremely user friendly platform to obtain event insurance. I will become a regular customer from this point. Great experience." - Jason

"Very easy and smooth transaction. I hope the wedding day is this easy." - Jason

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"I use The Event Helper for liability ins. on each of my events... Easy and affordable. Thank you" - Jayson Maples

"It was easy and very intuitive. Saved a lot of time and very affordable." - Jean Mallen

"So far so good! Received very reponsive service; quick and efficient." - Jean Nathanson

"As a technophobe, I'd like to compliment the ease of use of your website. I was concerned at first about using such a service, but your helpful folks on the telephone reassured me. Plus I checked you out with a friend who sells insurance for a living, who gave you all a stamp of approval." - Jean Schwennesen

"EH. Gave me everything I needed to proceed with my business. The quote was immediate, the price was good. I amazed by the quick responses, when ever I had a question. EH is my new carrier." - Jeanette parrett

"Thank you so much for making it so easy to purchase my liability ins." - Jeff Lanham

"Quick, easy and excepted. Thank You" - Jeff M

"Love you Guys!" - Jeff Weinraub / FotoTastic

"Very happy! I was looking around and this was the most affordable. The process was very simple too. Thanks!" - JenQ

"This was the only event insurance I could find that didn't require me to purchase two separate policies for my rehearsal dinner and ceremony. Since they are at the same place, this was much easier- and less expensive!" - Jenisa

"So, with all the craziness surrounding wedding planning, I completely forgot to get our event rider for our wedding reception. I was able to get one the night before my wedding. This site honestly saved my wedding! Thank you so much for the fast, efficient service!" - Jenna

"VERY user-friendly, affordable, and convenient! A+" - Jenna Wolli

"I checked several sources to purchase event liability insurance for our Gay Pride celebration and your rates were the best I could find and application process the easiest." - Jerry Hutton

"EventHelper certainly makes it easy to insure short term events." - Jerry Sadler

"I found the website so easy to navigate, and there were kind folks to help, who were very reachable by phone, anytime I had a question. The whole process took hardly anytime at all, and it was very affordable. I would recommend them very highly to anyone needing short term insurance!" - Jessica Dodge

"The Event Helper has phenomenal customer service and very reasonable prices. You really saved the day. Truly appreciate your help!" - Jessica Mariko

"Excited to find you on here! Thanks again for your services for DRIP!" - Jessica Mariko

"Easy to navigate. Reasonable Cost. Thanks You" - Jewel Funke

"So far so good... Great customer service and easy insurance policies!" - Jillian

"Thanks to Andrew from Eaiju Yamguichi's office on 4th Ave. in San Diego who steered me to They made my event easy to insure and gave me a sense of confidence about using the service in the future by allowing for errors that I could not predict. This is a fair, ethical company open to the little guy or the opposite to have success." - Jim Hornsby

"It was great finding a company who would do "event/date specific coverage". I didn't even know that could be done. The online process was smooth, and when I called in, they were extremely helpful as well. Good experience!" - Jim Matherly

"I am a retail insurance agent and LOVE these guys. Good coverage and premiums, simple and easy to use website. Very easy to quote and bind on the website or by telephone. Do it!" - Jim Maupin

"Very easy to do! Hope I don't use it!" - Jim Paquette

"Ordering of coverage was easy and quick. The premium was lower than other options I researched and the coverage was equal. The only concern that I have is that no coverage is afforded for volunteers, which leaves us slightly exposed, since the risk of an injury is extremely low." - Jim Sigafoos

"This insurance provider is great! Great customer support and easy to use and navigate website." - Jinger Zeng

"What an easy and user friendly site! LOVE it! Great job creating this website Event Helper! Thanks!!! - New Fan" - Joanna

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"This is FANTASTIC...Thanks" - Joe Salamone

"Very easy to follow, called with questions and got answers immediately and the process of final purchasing was smooth. Very much appreciated." - John

"It was the easiest way to have the comfort of insurance for my daughters wedding. After checking other sites and local insurance this is the way to buy event insurance." - John

"It was quick and easy!" - John

"Last minute insurance request to exhibit at a music festival brought about a gigantic headache as I scrambled to find an agent with less than 24 hours till setup. Every other carrier I contacted met with a voicemail. Called and spoke with Alan Yee at The Event Helper and had a certificate in my email in less than 10 minutes. Prior to my cigar business, I worked in a leadership position for the #3 personal auto insurer in the country where call center environment and customer service is crucial to success. I will promote The Event Helper to my fellow vendors at every event I attend. Thanks for the great service!!!" - John Anthony - Buffalo Crown Cigars

"I have used event many times and I have always been pleased with the expedient transaction of acquiring the necessary coverage. I will continue to use this service and highly recommend this service. IT'S ALL GOOD DJ ENTERPRISES" - John Coronado dba It's All Good DJ Enterprises

"Other than asking Debbie to marry me, this was the easiest step to complete for our wedding! Thanks!" - John Creason

"This is a very easy to use website for obtaining your event insurance. This user friendly site truly comes through in a timely manner. Thank you Event" - John Diamondidis

"I originally ordered a certificate of insurance to secure a building to hold my event. The build manager said it was a no brainer but they had to get approval from National Head Quaters. Then national headquarters denied our Professional Wrestling Event from being held in their facility. I had to change the additional insured on the Insurance certificate. Didn't know how to do this. I e-mailed within 30 minutes they sent me instructions on how to make the necessary changes. I went to The Event Helper website and made the changes. It took maybe 10 minutes. Very quick and easy. Thank you THE EVENT HELPER." - John Diamondidis

"This was quick and priced great. We looked at several companies to provide insurance and by far this was the best site due to the ease of pulling together a quote and getting the insurance ordered." - John G.

"Easy and quick quote and order transaction. Immediate receipt of policy and documents was fantastic ! Thank you and I'll be back to do more business !" - John Shadley, Event Ins Broker

"EXCEPTIONAL on phone customer service. I finally had to admit I was STUCK, at least in my mind, on one LARGE detail. Turns out it was a small detail and I should have called right-a-way. GREAT HELP! Not only did they take care of my small detail... they took a look at what I need to do and they actually provided more coverage at a lesser premium. NOW THAT IS EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE and a good product!" - John Walsh

"You guys are awesome. Just the insurance I'm looking for. I'll be coming to you every other month for each event my company has. 100% Satisfaction." - John Washington

"Easy as 123!!!Wow what an innovative, creative and efficient service..... Been to so many places for event insurance-time consuming, burdensome, and took days if not weeks... but this service let my fingers do the work in less than 12.5 minutes........ Superman got nothing on you guys................... JohnB. President Riverlife Entertainment Group" - JohnB. President Riverlife Entertainment Group

"Very prompt and helpful in answering my question and getting me a quote. I shopped around and was the cheapest one day event insurance I found. Thank you very much!" - Johnna

"We used your company for a weekend event. We sell insurance and our client needed coverage over the weekend. So we used your website and got it done and helped our client. Great job! - Jonathan D. Rausch, President Florida First Insurance / Pembroke Pines, FL 33024 Please call us at 561-584-0732" - Jonathan D. Rausch

"Omg! Great customer service! Outstanding Will!" - Jonichole Brown

"That was so easy my cat could do it!!!!" - Jordan

"Pretty awesome service - quick, easy, and takes a level of pre-event anxiety away." - Joseph

"Wow!!! you made getting insurance so easy, no hassle and most importantly, affordable. I am amazed and so happy. I wish I knew about Event helper sooner in life. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Life is great!" - Joseph Shin

"Great pricing for the insurance I needed. (coverage for a day of filming.) I needed to get permission from the state to do my film shoot, as the shoot date was orig. scheduled close to Christmas, they weren't able to get me the date so we had to reschedule. I got into contact with TheEventHelper and even though it was after my original schedule date, I explained my situation and forwarded the appropriate emails as proof. They were COMPLETELY understanding and rescheduled my insurance for the new film date. Giving me the updated documents the next DAY. I shall indeed do business with them again. A truly reputable company that cares about its customers. I encourage everyone reading this to give them a try." - Joshua-Caleb

"We use your company every weekend. The customer service team has always gone above and beyond. Emails are returned promptly, my customers are assisted by phone immediately, and their policies are completed and emailed within minutes of them purchasing. Thank you for being so professional. Joyce Ann Domenico Better Party Rentals The Old Fish House" - Joyce Domenico- The Old Fish House - Better Party Rentals

"This process was so easy, I had put it off for a month because I didn't understand. I thought I needed an individual policy for each vendor, I didn't understand that each vendor is just listed as additional insured. Thanks!" - Julie

"What a pleasure to do business with you. I spoke to Shawna, and she was friendly and knowledgeable. She made this process so easy, and your website was efficient and easy to use. Thank you!" - Julie Mascorro

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"Wonderful, quick, painless process. Thank you, Shawna!" - Katherine Salerno

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"Thank you Event Helper for helping Me Ma's Kitchen get affordable insurance. I have been a customer for 4 years and am very pleased with the Event Helper. Everything is online and the website is easy to follow. If I had any problems, I either called or sent an email. The response back was always courteous, efficient, and very quick, and with their help I was able to resolve any problems. Thanks Event Helper for going above and beyond your job to help your customers with any problems." - Me Ma/s Kitchen

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"Great Price for the coverage. I was a little confused about how to complete the application. I called and spoke with someone. I felt like he was in a rush. He told me the coverage would end at 12:01 a.m. so I entered the end date for the following day, not knowing that the application would automatically enter an additional day. I ended up with an extra day of coverage that I did not need and spending an extra $23.65." - Merrell

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"Very easy- even for non computer people ( not very many of us left) Thanks" - Pam McAtee

"I was told by Banner Grange is was $75.00, but of course there were additional admin charges. I feel $105.00 for a two hour birthday party for a toddler turning one year olds is totally ridiculous. I can insure 5 vehicles, 3 full coverage, for this amount per month. I was really blown away when I found out what the cost was, but we must follow all the rules/regulations!!" - Pam Wallace

"Pretty easy to use web site and great deal for small non-profit groups who need limited time coverage for free event" - Pamela Hunter

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"Event Helper's quick and courteous response to our need for event insurance coverage was truly a blessing. Within the day of submitting my request I received a copy of the event policy. When I had to make a last minute change regarding addition of an "insured" my request was handled promptly and I received a revised policy the next day. I highly recommend this great resource and as we sponser several events each year, this will be my vendor of choice. Thanks for a great customer service experience." - Pastor Pam Martin

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"It's very difficult to find Theatrical Production Insurance that fits what theatres do. Event Helper. Com has solved that problem with as little hassle as possible and I'm very pleased." - Paul Tinsley

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