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Unbeatable Customer Service

Very very easy to set up and all of the options are clear. On top of that, the pricing is very competitive. You get your proof of insurance immediately to send to your venue so you can check it off your list without any stress. Even better, there was no requirement for me to speak with an insurance agent to purchase the policy, which made set up pain-free. Auto insurance companies could learn a thing or two from how this process is so easy.
This is the second time I have used event helper for event liability insurance. The online purchase was quick, The instructions and information provided were very helpful, Our second event had to be cancelled because of concerns related to community health issues. Event helper was quick to respond to my question, were understanding of the situation, and facilitated a refund. I will continue to use them and recommend them to others.
The Event Helper has gone above and beyond! They are prompt to answer questions and make policy modifications. I have used them for years, but have never had to make any adjustments until this year and they were so responsive event though they must be swamped with all the Covid cancellations. I will never go anywhere else for event insurance!
Junk Refunk
I was very fortunate to find Event Helper. I was intimidated by the thought of having to ask for 1mil bond for my event but Melissa assured me I was on the right track, and was so helpful to me. I hope to do more business with your company and spread the news about you. Your link was the second one on the google list and the word EVENT caught my eyes, because the city said that's what I needed Event insurance. And your steps were so easy I thought I just couldn't be so lucky but I was, and so glad I chose your link.
Caribqueen58 Btown
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Common Questions

How does event insurance work?

Event Liability Insurance works to protect the event holder from claims made against them due to injury to guests or damage to the venue. An injury to an attendee could cost an event holder thousands without insurance protection.

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Do I need insurance for an event?

If you are using someone else’s space to hold a meeting, throw a party or host a wedding ceremony, then yes, you need Event General Liability insurance. Most venues require the coverage to protect you and them from claims of injury to attendees or damage to the venue.

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How much does it cost for event insurance?

The total cost for Event Liability Insurance can start at $66 for a small wedding. The cost will go up from there depending on the type and size of the event. A trade show expecting 250 people will cost around $125. A 70’s music concert expecting 2500 people will cost around $400.

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What is event insurance?

Event Insurance is a General Liability policy designed to protect the event holder for most claims of guest or spectator injury or property damage arising from the event. This type of coverage is often required from the venue.

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What is the purpose of event insurance?

Event Liability Insurance is most often purchased to meet the requirements in the rental agreement of the venue. The venue is doing their renter a huge favor by requiring this type of protection. Event Liability Insurance is intended to protect the event holder (venue renter) from having to pay out of their own pocket for most claims of injury or property damage due to their event. Policy exclusions will apply.

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Why is event insurance important?

Event Liability Insurance can protect you in case there is a claim for bodily injury or property damage at your event. Without this insurance this claim could otherwise cause you or your business a huge financial hardship.

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How much does Sports Insurance cost?

General Liability Insurance for a sporting event can start around $250. The cost will go up from there depending on the type and size of the event or the requirements for additional coverage. Coverage for Participant injuries can be added for $50-$1000.

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Does Event Insurance cover Sporting Participant injuries?

The standard Event General Liability policy is not going to cover injuries to any sporting/athletic participants, performers, volunteers, employees or individuals compensated by the insured. However, sporting event types through The Event Helper come with the option to remove that exclusion for specific activity types. Complete our online application or call us for more information!

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